Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Growing Earth and Sun Oven

Spend the day growing your space. Things you can do on Earth Day. Isn't this pic so inspiring! Click on any of the links below for directions

-Build an Earth Oven

-Park your Car

-Start an Urban Garden

-Turn Your Computer Off

Friday, April 3, 2009

Diaper Free at 9 Months

Here we are at 9 months old and diaper free! How can this be you ask? Well we started at 7 weeks communicating with our little one and have finally broken free of the cloth diaper.

Parents diagnose Sleepy, Tired, Teething, Hungry, Frustrated, Happy etc..It only made sense to include the Need to Releive. And interestingly enough the early stages of lumping all needs into the above categories were actually indicative of the urge to pee or poo.

So there's three options out there-Disposable, Cloth and Diaper Free. The later being the most eco-nomical.

Here's how you can get started by following these 3 guidelines:






-fidgety-verbally agitated

-pumping legs


-crawling to you or potty

-motioning toward or grabbing groin

-won't latch on

-becomes still (after crawling-rolling)

-stops making eye contact

-pushes away when done nursing

**Remember the cues evolve over time and are somewhat dependent on development


-upon waking

-every 20 minutes (0-4months)

every30 minutes(4-6 months)

every 40 minutes(6-9 months)

-before leaving home

-upon arriving

-pulls off abruptly when nursing

-before wearing/wrapping

-after wearing/wrapping

**Find a rthyme that works for your child


-when peeing or pooping use the same verbal cue

ex:pishing while peeing/grunting while pooping

-offer potty frequently

-offer potty after you miss one

-Keep At It-it can take a few months

What my diaper bag(daypack/backpack) is filled with

Red Potty

Handful of Cloth Wipes

2 Prefolds

2Cloth Diapers

32oz yogurt container-for backup and cleanup

**My personal cue was if I blew through both diapers I was not paying enough attention to my little ones' needs

We used cloth until we we're communicating more effectively. See the side bar for the hemp diapers we like.

Cloth also makes it easier to tell when you miss a pee(soaks thru rapidly)

Cloth diapers are great "potty trainers" for parents. You will associate what happened right before you felt pee or poo. Again it's about communicating with your child and "training yourself" to understand your child's ques.

This is not a new concept. Third World countries do not have the luxury of washing diapers or buying throw-aways. They are in tune their babies needs by neccesity. Also wrapping your baby is more commonplace around the world. Wrapping makes me far more cognizent of my little one's needs than any other carrying method.

A majority of the literature on "Potty Training" has really missed the point. Most parents spend the first few months "training" their child to go in their pants. Mammals inheritently do not want to releive themselves on themselves. Parents then at some point switch teams and try to get their child to stop using their pants and move to the potty.

Ever notice you get peed on quite a lot in the the early days?

This happens for several reasons I believe

-Baby waits to releive themselves instinctually when they don't have fiber bound to their waist

-Parents are actually intuitively tuning into when the baby needs to pee

If you feel this might be alot of work. Spend a day catching pees/poos and spend a day changing diapers. The former is far less time consuming, less messy and a great way to connect with your child!
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