Thursday, February 18, 2010

Boys are Bakers Too!

The other day we were making Hemp-ola with all sorts of goodness including hemp butter, oats and ground sunflowers. My little helper, in the kitchen, needed some proper baking attire so I whipped up this irresistable Bakers Hat.
I followed and then modified this tutorial by Curlypops. I customized the hat to our taste with an addition of a tree applique and a triple row of buttons for adjusting the size as he grows.
Careful these sweet hats can become addictive. You may even want to make an entertaining one for yourself. Stay tuned for his apron next week!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preserve Your Health

The latest news in BPA exposure sites placental death following exposure to typical levels of the plasticizer found in the blood stream of pregnant women and babies. The placenta is your babies life force-it should be offering nutrients at optimal levels.

BPA is found in a a whole range of products from the most obvious, hard plastic #7, #3 and canned goods including soda and beer to lesser known dental fillings. The stink of BPA originally arose from hard plastic baby bottles leaching the plasticizer into precious fluids. Recent studies have cited cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer to the list of damaging health effects from BPA. Overall, the best way to curb exposure to this estrogen hormone mimiker is to start using glass to store leftovers, brush those teeth and stop eating and drinking from cans.

Proper oral hygiene at an early age will likely reduce dental work needed in the future. As soon as the first tooth emerges in children you should be gently brushing. Daily brushing has become fun and expected for our little guy-he even likes to floss his teeth. This routine was started very early on so we experience little resistance to the practice. We like Preserves tooth brushes as they are BPA Free and come from recycled Stonyfield Yogurt Cups. They have adult and toddler brushes, are at an excellent angle and include a free mailer to send back for recycling. Some target stores are now carrying them.

Fortuneatley, BPA can flush out of your system. The bioaccumulation from repetitive exposure day after day is what causes health problems. Eliminating exposure to BPA while pregnant is truly vital for your childs health. As consumers your buying power is voice enough for companies to stop poisoning us.
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