Monday, March 2, 2009

Biking Bald Eagles

Melting snow and new seeds coming up make me dream of biking in the warm sun with my little sprout. I found this great bike seat attachment. The features I like

Easy to Attach

Not Bulky

Fits on the front of my Mountain Bike

Muds not flying up on your little one

Better baby view for them and for me!

We were taking a snowy walk on one my bike trails and saw 3 Bald Eagles today. Mom and Dad plus their juvenile. A raven was dive bombing one of the adults to move them out of his territory. They were all casually riding a thermal. A Red Tailed Hawk came in as well and the Raven promptly chased it off.

Eagle calls are so beautiful. Very High Pitch and Lucid. Their wing span is phenomenal-80" or nearly 6ft 7inches. They are a common site in Montana and no less majestic.

Birds are precise indicators of season and weather changes. One of our summer migrants will be arriving from Oregon and Washington---Varied Thrush---Males of most migratory species have strong site fidelity. They return to the same nesting territories year after year. So it is possible the singing migrant who visits your woods is the same male from the year before.

I love the sound of town right now. It's like walking around in a zen water garden. The water is trickling and dripping off roofs and coursing down the road. Male birds are singing and enticing females. Hearing is so heighten this time of year after the long winter silence.

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anika said...

I love this time of year- Our house finches are going crazy with song and it's so uplifting to see them perched in a tree, just belting it out!

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