Monday, July 13, 2009

Organic Plastic Food for Thought

Yes, you read right-Organic Plastic Food. How can this be? Even if you avoid canned and plastic packaged foods and buy items in glass the lids contain a "rubber like" seal made from plastic-bpa containing plastic. So here in lies the "convenient parent" dilemma. For those who purchase their baby food instead of making from scratch-your consumer options for bpa food is virtually non existent.

Here in lies the importance of making your own food- baby or otherwise from raw ingredients.

Oh the woes of the "not enough time" to make your own food-Enter the Pressure Cooker. Not only does it save




But you can be assured of a bpa free food experience.

I love my pressure cooker. I just add a little Super C to naturally preserve carrots, apples and other fruits and veggies if I'm not eating them right away.

Say hello to potatoes in 10 minutes, rice in 20, applesauce in 5 minutes. Plus you have to plenty to freeze, can or refrigerate for later use.

Some of you may be thinking- Come on what's the big deal about bpa, the FDA says it okay, who cares if Europe has banned it and the health nuts are just raving mad. Well take a look at your own health, your parents health and national statistics of


Hormone and Thyroid Dysfunction

Endocrine Disruptor Health Issues

You see BPA mimics estrogen thereby increasing your estrogen hormone levels significantly. This article on baby food sights bpa level a 1ppb in a single baby food jar. That's the average, some had levels in the 7+ppbillion. That sounds pretty insignificant numerically except that natural hormone levels ride a pptrillion not billion.

Therefore, your slamming your system or your little ones with estrogen. As consumers you have the a purchase power voice. Stop buying items that contain plastic and email or write letters to companies that continue to use plastic in their products. Here's a hit list

-Baby Food Jars with metal lids

-Tetra Pak Containers

rice, soy, hemp milks, orange juice etc

-Any food or beverage product in plastic

-#7 Plastics

-canned food

Some other BPA items include your old nalgenes (this will pass through breastmilk), teflon, dental fillings, plastic children toys and rubber duckies.

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