Sunday, November 22, 2009

Painting Snow Fairies

We had a wonderful day exploring the snow, feeding our local winter birds and a little painting. The Blue and Stellar Jay, Red Breasted Nuthatches and Mountain and Black Capped Chickadees are feasting.
For painting I use Stockmar paints as they are non toxic-no lead, safe for children and all that good stuff. They come in Red, Yellow and Blue. We can make quite a beautiful palette. Today's color wheel consisted of Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green and Purple.

I like to use Q-tips for a number of reasons. They are easy for grabbing just the right amount of paint from the Stockmar Jars and with a little water running over them in paper cups we make Watercolors. The Q-tip can still be used as a more saturated color stick for drawing or applying the water color to paper. Q-tips also promote fine motor skill development as Talus has to use his pincher grip to hold it.

The adults had fun too! We both created some artwork and Talus really got into it. He progressed from stirring the cups, painting with different brushes, combining all colors into one tray and submersing both hands into the myriad of colored water. This was then followed by some dump and pouring and soaking wet pants. Lots of fun! It's always so interesting how the experience evolves.

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