Monday, December 29, 2008

Handmade Toys and Natural Baby Goods

Very Important-You Can Help

Small business's that handcraft children goods will be put out of business with the Consumer Protections Safety Initiative Act. This was passed in August 2008 in response to China's production of lead ladden toys for children.

The act requires testing and labeling of all children's goods to be lead free. Indeed this is very important and should of been imposed on China years ago. However, the limited number of childrens' business in the states that make handmade goods of products that inheriently do not contain lead-such as wool, raw wood, organic cottons etc.. should not have to label and certify their products. This is similar to saying you must certify and label an apple to prove it has no plastic in it. If you are providing all natural goods who's core materials are already certified organic or all natural then this legislation imposes undue burden. The testing is financially prohibitive for small goods producers.

Please act today! We only have till January 30th to ammend the CPSIA legislation. Otherwise current lathe makers, organic baby toy producers and the like will be dramatically affected by this.

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