Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing with Moons

Who doesnt' love my new Organic Woven Baby Wrap in Playful Moon

Thanks to everyone who voted for the Save Hand-Made Toys! The official announcement will come tomorrow from the National Press Club. 600,000 votes came in for all the issues! We made it in the top 10.
Ten non-profits will be developed and each idea will be canvased to senators and our new president. No matter how you voted - it's about being apart of the process!

On another note, I am attempting my first wool felting project! All those ruined sweaters will have a new home as baby toys! Here's an easy tutorial on how to try it yourself!
  • Dig up wool sweaters from your closet, thrift store, friends and family

  • Throw in Wash with 1/4 the amt of detergent

  • Set Wash to Normal Cycle on Hot/Cold

  • Dry on High Heat

  • Repeat 2-3x
Now you're ready to create! Cut sweaters into funky shapes to sew and stuff, make a purse, pillow or blanket.

Wool is Wonderful

Naturally anti-bacterial
Dust-Mite Resistant
Temperature Regulator
Clean by Soaking in some Sun Rays

Even more Reasons Why we Love the Sun!

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