Monday, January 5, 2009

Plow for Pie

My neighbor was kind enough to plow at least a foot and a half of snow from my driveway on Friday. My son and I were quite content wrapped to one another and bundled up in our winter cover plus an oversized snowboarding jacket. Getting out in the winter can be such a challenge for some with the frigid temps. But sharing warmth by wearing your baby and having the proper coverage over the wrap works wonders. Our wraps are substaintial enough that the "belt" band encases my little ones' feet. From afar folks often think I'm "rather" pregnant and don't realize I'm just wearing my baby!

Well, we were merrily enjoying ourselves outside. After watching the Red Crossbills and Mountain Chickadees foraging on a Douglas Fir Seed Cone surplas. We decided to dig in.

After only a single track run with the shovel, my neighbor determined we could use some help or be out there all day. He generously gave up his time to plow our drive with 4-wheeler and plow to boot.

The organic apple pie slice must of been too tantilizing. Five days before we were watching a foot of snow fall with no intention of starting the digging process till later. This is a daily affair with an average of 4 feet a week since early December. We love La Nina. My neighbor jumped ahead and plowed the drive so I offfered him some freshly made organic apple pie from my birthday.

The trade: plow for pie came through again. I've estimated a slice is worth a foot at this rate.

The pie smells so good and plenty to share!

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