Monday, October 12, 2009

Rosehip Honey

Well it's herbal making season in our kitchen amidst other fall harvest culinary adventures. My latest explorations are with Honey Extracts. Besides the herbal constituents that it pulls from herbs, local honey offers you allergy resistance.
This happens by bees visiting all your favorite nasal instigators (pollen). When you ingest the honey from local apiarist you are getting a small sample of exposure to your areas flowers and subsequently the pollen. This is similar to how Homeopathy works. Bees are critical to the survival of many fruits, vegetables and flowers. This is why NOT using insecticides is so important.
A Rose's fruiting body is known as the hip. Rosehips have up to 100X more Vitamin C than traditional food sources. They also contain Phosphorus, Vitamin A and Calcium. Vitamin C needs Calcium for adequate uptake in your system-Rosehips naturally carry this synergy.

The best time to collect is after a continuous frost for several days. So throughout fall and winter are ideal times to forage. There is something so tantalizing about hunting for red plump hips hanging low under the weight of fluffy white snow. Rose not only allures by smell but by sight.

Rosehip Honey Recipe

Wild Rosehips
Local Honey
2 Mason Jars

Forage in your favorite Fall or Winter Rosehips Retreat
Return Home and Fill One Mason Jar then proceed to Smash Berries with Fork
Pour Warmed Honey from other Mason Jar Over the Top
Cap and Store in a Warm Spot
Allow to Sit from 4wks-6wks

Helpful Extract Tips
*After pouring warm honey over mason jar of hips-stir with chopstick to release any air bubbles then add more honey
*I warm the honey by filling one mason jar with honey them placing in a warm water bath
*I also pluck the terminal end of the berry although this is not necessary

Add spoonfuls to your daily tea, take an exclusive spoonful or top waffles or toast with this scrumptious-immune boosting treat. If struck with illness take up to 8 spoonfuls a day to boost your immune system.

Rosehip honey rolled with slippery elm powder is not only soothing to a sour throat but irresistible candy for toddlers able to suck on candy.

Rosehip honey can also be stirred into warm tea for children over 15 months.

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