Thursday, October 15, 2009

Toddler Winter Boots Rated -25

These kickers rate down to -25. I found these toddler boots a few weeks ago for $9 brand new at a local store! They were listed at and eye popping $45. I got a size larger to accommodate socks for my 15month old. These Winter Boots feature a rubber toe and surround, wool insert and pull string adjustment below the knee. They have great traction as well. I was looking for something he could walk around through snow in until it's too deep and we break out the snowshoes.

He wore them around the house here and there and have tried them in fresh snow and frozen ground since. We had our first arctic blast of the fall in early October. Normally, the Arctic Cold Air doesn't drift down till January or later. So we tried out these little boots, with no socks, a little earlier than normal. After running around outside for more than an hour his feet were toasty warm. He can now move up and down the hill in the backyard as he's adjusted to the new soles.

Children who are just beginning to walk and even for years after should really wear soft soled shoes. This is so they can feel the earth shaping under their arches, heels and toes. I have started a line of toddler soft shoes on my etsy page. Check out the funky soles!

With the cold and snow like it is here in NW Montana-we had to compromise with a boot more rigid and less permeable to the elements.

I like them so much I bought the ladies version. The price keeps dropping for those too! This is my fourth winter in Glacier Country and I know they'll get plenty of use. Regardless, I probably should read No Logo by Naomi Klein as I've been branded.

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