Thursday, December 24, 2009

Straining Rosehip Honey

In Early October of this past Fall I collected Rose Hips along the Flathead River and here is the final honey product!You can start your own Rose hip honey by following my previous notes. I allowed the pulpy mixture of hips and seeds to infuse in some local honey till yesterday. The honey was then slowly drained from the pulp for 24 hours using a metal strainer and glass bowl.
The aroma was so potent it permeated the atmosphere of the kitchen and is simply intoxicating.
The leftover pulp and seeds will be spread out over my native bed in hopes some seeds sprout this spring. The seeds are quite hard and unlikely to break down in my digestive system so, to spare my diverticuli I'll spread the spent pulp outside instead.

The honey, not surprisingly, took on the rich color of the rose hips. Enough water from the hips changed the thick honey consistancy to more of a syrup. Due to the water- although negligible from the rose hips-I plan to refrigerate it to keep it longer. Loaded with Vitamin C this will be a wonderful addition to a winter cup of tea.  

I simply boil some water add fresh lemon and a tsp of honey and slip into bliss.

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